Why Us?

Have you ever found these types of equations online that immediately make you think you are getting tricked?  Sometimes you see the reasoning in the question and sometimes you are completely unaware of why there would be any option at all, something like the question below.  Care to play along?

Answer the following:

6 + 7 x 8 =?

  1. 62
  2. 104
  3. 0

Molinari Oswald is not a firm that is in business so that you pay no tax.  We are in business so that you pay no more in tax than is legally necessary.   In mathematics, number problems could never equal zero that don’t really equal zero.  Things are what they are, but we need to know the rules that govern them.

Many people would look at the above equation and say the sum is 104.  But if we apply the rule of the order of operations, performing division and multiplication before subtraction and addition, we would come to the sum of 62, which is correct.

The truth of the matter is that if you have a straight W-2, you may very well complete your taxes correctly.  But with the tax laws as they are, if you have business income, business expenses, deductions, savings, and tax deferred earnings, etc., etc., that neat tidy simple problem becomes so convoluted you have no idea where to start!

We know where to start, let us sort through the tax equation for you.  We’ve studied that order of operations, we do this all day, every day, and we want to help make your tax filings accurate, painless, and efficient, so your bottom line is no more than it needs to be.

Truthfully, the principle here can be applied to all areas of accounting.  If you need tax planning, business formation, succession planning, estate administration or planning, valuations, compilations, or anything else, please let us help you get what you need right the first time.  We have a motto around here and if I do say so, it adds up – we go beyond the numbers.

More about us

Who we are

We are a small group of CPA’s and accountants in the Lehigh Valley that love numbers. We know, we are a rare breed, but we are here so you don’t have to pretend to love the numbers. With many years of practice and a wide array of business experience, we are confident in our abilities to serve the public accurately and professionally. Please give us a call at 610-871-6700 or complete the contact form available at the top right of the page and let us know how we can help you.

Our Team

What we do

We take the intricate details of the tax law and apply them to your specific tax situation. Think of it as a one of a kind designer report of your numbers. You can tell people your tax return is an original if you want, we won’t mind.  Learn more on our services page.

Our Services

Why we do it

Where there is a need, there is usually a provision or a solution. Many different scenarios have brought each of the staff at Molinari Oswald to the decision to go into accounting and then find their way to public accounting. Regardless of each or their reasons, please know that they care about it, it is not a job only, it is a passion.

Where we do it

We are located at 4508 Old Bethlehem Pike, Center Valley, PA 18034, a short distance from the Promenade Shops. Call us at 610-871-6700 or complete the contact form available at the top right of the page to see what we can do for you.


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Every organization is moving toward a goal, here are ours.
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