We could train you on the basics of QuickBooks, but to be honest, it wouldn’t be the wisest use of your money.  A two day online or in person class would cost you under five hundred dollars.  The same amount of time would cost you almost fifteen hundred dollars if we would train you.  You can see why we recommend our clients have a basic groundwork in QuickBooks by attending an online or in person class before coming to see us.  Simply put, the classes are more cost effective for the introductions to this program.

However, we understand that a class with many students may not provide the specific answers you need once your daily business operation bring questions to the forefront you couldn’t possibly have known to ask in class.

This is where we would love to help you with a more specific training on how to best use this tool to meet your specific business needs.  After your class, please schedule with us so that we can…

  • Help you gain understanding of the program and functions needed by understanding you and your business
  • Customize the program and visuals to meet your specific needs
  • Help you best implement your understanding of the program and basic functions
  • Offer specific training to maximize your production on time spent in QuickBooks.

During the accounting for your daily business we know questions will come up that may not be specific to the software program you are using whether it is QuickBooks, Peachtree, or any other program.  We can help you gain understanding in the why and how of your daily accounting so that you are comfortable and familiar with the tasks needed to post checks, write checks, categorize spending and receivables, and keep your books up to the minute accurate.