Stacy E. Rapp


Stacy finds it ironic that she is working in a CPA firm.  A lifelong aversion to math no doubt started in grade school when she anthropomorphized the numbers one through ten and gave them backgrounds and stories.  Don’t worry, she knows her limits and will gladly refer you to an accountant.  Stacy has had many experiences that lend themselves to working in an administrative capacity.  Drawing from her groundwork in communication studies, she has used those skills to focus on her tasks in office management, administrative assistance, and internal and external corporate communication.

To fill up time away from the office, Stacy enjoys walking and jogging outdoors, visiting with friends, taking silly pictures with her growing brood of nieces and nephews, singing in praise teams and choirs, or working on blog posts and stories that may or may not detail a very sordid feud between the numbers three and seven.

Messiah College – Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Community Involvement
Abundant Life Bible Church active member, worship team, VBS skit writer, 58ten sponsor volunteer

Q and A
Q: What is your favorite season and why?
A: I love fall.  I love the crisp feel in the air, I love apple picking, I love running on the trail when the leaves crunch under your feet, I love hot apple cider, I love fall!

Q: If you could live in another era, when would it be?
A: The 1950’s.  I have a pair of saddle shoes I wear on occasion, I love the music from that time, old school rotary phones make sense in your hand, and I want a car with a big steering wheel.

Q: What country would you like to visit and why?
A: England, I want to take a walk in the countryside and I have a Scrabble game to play with the Queen.

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