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  • I’ve never e-filed before, why is my return e-file this year?

    The IRS requires all returns to be electronically filed.  There are some exceptions due to logistical issues.  E-file is the default mode of submission.  If you object, you may sign a statement that will be retained in our office that states you have requested paper filing. Please discuss this option with your accountant before the return is completed.

  • When is payment due to Molinari Oswald for services rendered?

    You should have received a bill with your tax return or other completed work.  We do ask that outstanding balances be paid within thirty (30) days.  If there is a hardship, please call and set up a payment plan.  In instances of a payment plan, we ask that payment, regardless of the amount, be made on a regular basis.  If you fail to pay in a timely manner, we will send you a statement of account.  In rare extreme cases, we may send a client to collections.  This is our last resort and least favorite option.

  • What is my accountant’s email address?

    Each accountant’s email is the first letter of the first name and the entire last name followed by @molinarioswald.com.  For a list of accountants, please visit our Team page.

  • I need a copy of my return for a loan. Can I get that from you?

    We do retain your information, however, we ask that you attempt to locate and supply your return to the loan officers before contacting us.  We understand there are times things get misplaced, but please do try and take care of this before you reach out to us for help.  If you still need our assistance, please call and ask the administrative assistant at the front desk for your documents. Please arrange for this service before you go to the loan office.

  • Can I pick up my return?

    Yes, tell your accountant during your meeting or phone call that you would like to pick up your return. We will call you when they are completed.

  • Can I send in my information and have my taxes prepared and mailed to me?

    Yes, please drop off or mail your tax information.  Your accountant will call or email with any questions and will prepare your taxes. We will mail your return and original documents to you.

  • How do I get my refund deposited electronically?

    Tell your accountant you would like your refund applied electronically.  They will ask for a voided check to verify the routing number and account number.  If you prefer a paper check, tell your accountant to select paper refund on your return.

  • When will I receive my refund?

    Please consult www.irs.gov, click on the “Where’s my refund” link and enter the information requested. Generally, you should have your refund in three weeks if it is electronic deposit, about eight weeks for paper checks.

  • This quarter my estimated payment is zero; do I need to mail my estimate voucher if there is no money due?

    If there is no money due for the quarter, you do not need to send in the payment voucher.

  • What are your office hours for tax season?

    Our official hours during tax season are 8:30am to 5:00pm.  However, on any given day there may be appointments held after this time.  If you are in the area, you may drop off information at the front desk.  We cannot guarantee that someone will be here to receive your information.  It is strongly recommend that you call before 5:00pm if you should need to schedule a drop off outside these hours. Please know that the building doors are locked at 7:00pm during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday.

  • Did you receive my fax?

    During the tax season our fax machine is in constant use.   Please be certain a cover page clearly states for whom the fax is intended.  Consult your confirmation page to see if the fax was successful. If we receive an illegible copy or blank pages, we will contact you if there is a legible number.  If some time has passed and you have not gotten a response from your accountant, please call the front desk. You may also email your information directly to your accountant. Please consult the staff pages or the question regarding accountant emails for the appropriate address.

  • My return is already filed, and I received another 1099, what should I do?

    Please send the 1099 to our office and we will be certain your accountant receives it.  If there is a material impact to your tax liability, we will amend the return and get it to you.

  • I received another 1099, what should I do?

    If you have already had your preliminary meeting and you are still receiving tax documentation, please send it in to our office and we will see that your accountant is aware of the information and it is included in your tax reporting.

  • I received a notice, what do I do with it?

    Please, mail, drop off, or fax all tax notices you receive.  Once your accountant has reviewed the notice they will contact you with the next course of action.

  • How will the IRS credit my paper check payment without a paper return?

    The information you include on your check will allow the IRS to credit your account.  Please follow all the instructions found on the right side of your blue folder.

  • I owe the IRS this year; can I wait to send the 8879 to you until I send in my payment to the IRS?

    If tax payments are due, you may wait until the deadline to send in payment, however, the 8879 forms should be returned to our office as soon as you have reviewed them. Please do not wait to send the 8879 forms to our office until the deadline, this provides no added benefit to you and only results in calls and emails from our staff trying to track down outstanding authorization forms.  If you are worried about a paper check being attributed to an electric return, please follow the instructions in your blue folder, and the payment will be applied to your taxes due.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the front desk and Brenda or Stacy will help you.

  • When do you need the 8879 form returned to your office?

    We need the 8879 as soon as possible.  There is a high volume of e-file clients and the system can slow down toward the end of tax season.  Once you receive your taxes, please take a few moments to look them over and send in the forms.

  • Where do I sign my return?

    There are “Sign Here” tabs placed where you should sign your return.  If you are married filing jointly, your spouse will need to sign it as well.

  • What is an 8879 form?

    An 8879 form is the signature authorization that allows our firm to file your taxes electronically.  We cannot submit your return to the IRS until we have received the authorization forms in our office via fax, mail, or drop off.