Individual Tax Meetings

Not everyone needs to come into the office for a tax meeting.  Some people don’t want to drive here, some don’t have the time, and some just want to be as far removed from the process as possible.  However, we understand that some will want to meet face to face with the person reporting their tax situation for the previous year.  Things change too, one year you may want to meet and the second, not so much.  Please keep in mind you may always mail in your information and we will contact you by phone and email with questions, as well as you are welcome to contact the accountant in the same manner.   If you find yourself in the category of people wanting to meet in person, we would love for you to schedule with us.

Want to know how best to prepare for your meeting?

Some things we would like from you prior to your first meeting:

Name of Referral if applicable

Prior year’s tax return

Contact Information

Notices if applicable

We schedule meetings in one hour increments.  If the taxes are not completed or if information is still needed, you may forward the information once you receive it and we will complete your return as soon as possible and mail it to you or you may pick it up if you prefer.

We typically schedule for the current year and then schedule for the same day and time for the following year, this helps us ensure we get everyone in the short season in which we have to work.