Individual Taxes

Fewer things strike fear into the heart of the American citizen like taxes.  Take a look at the tax code and you will see that keeping on top of the changes from year to year is a full time job.  Well, it is for us anyway! As professionals, we work hard to be informed and well versed in the changes in the code and how they affect our clients before we prepare your return.  We take a proactive stance on giving you the correct return the first time.  We cannot promise you will pay no tax, but we will do everything legal to make certain you don’t pay any more tax than absolutely required.  We know that in today’s world you have a vast selection of options.  Others might tell you that you will get audited if you do your taxes on your own.  That just simply isn’t true.  If a return is correct, it is correct, and that is that.  However, there is a lot to be said for peace of mind.  If you find that you just don’t want to deal with the changing tax codes, the software programs, or the national offices that set up shop like a traveling circus, please call us so that we can put your mind at rest.

Individual Tax Planning

Sometimes we jump right into things and once we are in the middle of a project we realize that a different tool or a preparation of a surface would have made a much better time of things.  Sure, you can usually muscle through it, make it work, and have a completed project, but often it leaves a bad memory, a […]

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IRS, State, and Local Representation for Individuals

Audits An audit from the IRS is much like being called in for jury duty.  It doesn’t happen often, you really can’t get out of it, and most often it is not a big deal, but it sure can disrupt your life and make you scurry to prepare for it. You have every right to represent yourself and are more […]

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Individual Tax Meetings

Not everyone needs to come into the office for a tax meeting.  Some people don’t want to drive here, some don’t have the time, and some just want to be as far removed from the process as possible.  However, we understand that some will want to meet face to face with the person reporting their tax situation for the previous […]

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Individual International Tax

For most of the population, the idea of having and international tax situation is romanticized.  In our minds every situation like that is either mysterious or glamorous.  The truth is, you love your life, but international living is just as difficult if not more difficult than living state side.  Different cultures, different languages, the experience is priceless, but it has […]

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