IRS, State, and Local Representation

An audit from the IRS is much like being called in for jury duty.  It doesn’t happen often, you really can’t get out of it, and most often it is not a big deal, but it sure can disrupt your life and make you scurry to prepare for it.

You have every right to represent yourself and are more than welcome to do so, but please know we can help you if you should decide you would like some assistance.  Here are some things to think about; do you have the documentation you used to prepare the taxes that year? Do you remember the laws that were applicable to that year? Do you have time in your workday to meet with an IRS auditor? We are experienced in representing clients for the IRS auditor so you don’t have to deal with them directly.  Working with you beforehand we can be your liaison, knowing where to challenge and when to concede.  Plus, we have your documents on record.


When you receive a notice from the IRS, please forward it along to us.  We will review the notice and let you know if any further response is needed from you.  Not every notice is for an audit, but each notice is important and has a deadline.  We have often been able to provide the documentation to the IRS that shows why we calculated the tax as we did.  There are times when the appeal is denied, but we will do all we can to show why we took the route we did.

Often when speaking of audits and notices we think only of Federal offices.  Any taxing authority has the power to call an audit.   If you should receive a notice from the state regarding your taxes, please forward the notice to our office and we will be certain the accountant working on your file reviews it and responds to it.  If you should need to take any further action we will let you know.

Local reporting can be quite simple or a massive brouhaha depending on where you live and work.  Should you receive a notice regarding your local return, please let us help you.  It could save you from waging a losing battle or unnecessarily paying a balance you do not owe.