Sometimes we spend so much time getting things started we feel like we are pushing a cart up a roller coaster track and once we reach the top we hop in and let it ride.  We forget that even the most carefree spontaneous coaster ride still has someone at the controls. In your business you spend a lot of time […]

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When we hear the word estate many times visions of perfectly manicured gardens, open greens, and an impressively grand manor with stately statues and fountains flood our minds.  That is definitely one kind of estate.  But you don’t have to be a Spelling to have an estate.  In fact, we all have one, whether it be large or small.  It […]

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Individual Taxes

Fewer things strike fear into the heart of the American citizen like taxes.  Take a look at the tax code and you will see that keeping on top of the changes from year to year is a full time job.  Well, it is for us anyway! As professionals, we work hard to be informed and well versed in the changes […]

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